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  • What is good about proxy servers of the USA

    One of the main features that any online proxy server should possess is the data transfer speed. Another, no less important parameter is uptime, or continuous work time. Let us consider these parameters more closely, and determine what features are inherent to the proxy avoidances located in the USA.

  • What influences the operational speed of proxy

    How often have you visited proxy avoidances searching for tools to skirt the admins’ bans on visiting social networks websites and entertainment portals? Probably, numerous times. For sure you have also faced a situation in which the proxy server in Firefox or any other popular browser works very badly – pictures simply can not be opened, flash videos barf and require player replacement, and most laconic website structure slips in one column because the stylesheets do not have time to load in proper time.

  • Some important points when using a proxy

    Before you begin to review what influences the operation speed of proxy, we note that the difference between the concepts of a proxy and a proxy server is insignificant: the first term refers to the script, which is installed on the server by connecting to the graphical interface or without it.

  • Choosing proxy server equipment

    We have considered the problem of tracking proxy servers in our article “Proxy server detecting methods” and found out an obvious dilemma: using a proxy on the one hand should provide anonymity but on the other hand no proxy gives a 100% guarantee of anonimity.

  • Proxy server detecting methods

    It is sometimes necessary to use a proxy to preserve anonymity while surfing the Web. Still there are software tools that allow to determine the real IP address of the visitor even if he was using proxy server. However they are less efficient in the case of using shared proxy because administrators guarantee the anonymity of their clients.

  • Tendencies and prospects of proxies' development

    In order to create a more or less plausible forecast for the future of proxy we will need to determine the time and the reason of their occurrence. First proxy servers appeared almost simultaneously with the creation of Internet. This happened due to the fact that in its early days of development there was a need to own an external IP (a unique address that identifies the workstation in the general set of computers) to become a member of Internet community. IP addresses were very expensive at that time and in order to avoid buying external IP for a single computer, many users rented one channel which was granted by a provider.

  • Legal and illegal proxies (botnet proxies)

    While considering the free proxy advantages and disadvantages we knowingly did not pay attention to the nominal division into legal and illegal proxies. The first adjective that comes to mind when speaking about "anonymizer" is "illegal", but it is not fully correct. We have examined functions and purposes of proxy servers and noted there are many non-criminal aims for using them. For example using proxy server can sometimes protect corporate information from internal and external intruders.

  • Free and shared proxies: advantages and disadvantages

    When describing proxy servers and web proxy types it is essential to specify the difference between free and shared proxies. It often influences the quality, security and the speed of surfing the Web. That’s why it is necessary to consider the advantages and disadvantages of every type of proxies.

  • The main types of proxy servers

    The main criterion for proxy servers classification is a list of functions that they perform, and their purposes. Let’s consider the main types of proxy servers:

  • Using proxy by individuals and companies

    Proxy servers as like as web-proxies are used every time there is a need to perform following actions:

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