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What is good about proxy servers of the USA

One of the main features that any online proxy server should possess is the data transfer speed. Another, no less important parameter is uptime, or continuous work time. Let us consider these parameters more closely, and determine what features are inherent to the proxy avoidances located in the USA.

For a start let us define what the quality of communication, operation speed and continuous work time without failures are determined only by professional system administrators. They are unlikely to place ads such as “Configuration of a proxy server” in the local newspapers, since they work in large provider companies and service quite efficient equipment – they simply have no time to engage in part-time job.

The data transfer speed with the participation of the intermediary server is determined by the time at which data packets are delivered from the user to the resource requested by them, as well as the response time from it to the user. Quite logically that the availability of equipment, even the most fast-acting, invariably leads to the loss of the data transfer speed. Precious fractions of seconds are spent on the encoding and decoding of encrypted packets, because proxy avoidance has to change the parameters that come to it from the user’s computer.

As for the place of the physical location of the equipment, the practice shows a high level of reliability of those data centers, which are located in the USA, Germany and Holland. It is about uptime – continuous work time of servers, and although this figure is more important for the hosting, in the case of a proxy many clients want to have absolutely stable connection.

For instance, almost every USA proxy avoidance boasts over 99% of uptime and connection speed comes to tens of megabits per second. In essence, this means that users, using these servers as a hub, can enter all the websites without fear that they will be slow to load, and that all content will be displayed correctly and without delays.

At the same time, this is true for paid accounts, because free proxy servers of the USA have the same disadvantages as any other – they may stop to work at any time, and support for free users is performed worse than for those who buy their own selected proxy avoidances.

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