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  • 09 11 2017

    Due to the interruption of work in the OVH DC, there are problems with the number of proxies! As soon as the problem in the DC is eliminated, all active clients who have problems with the number of proxies, we compensate for the simple, although the proble

  • 06 11 2017

    An API is added to split the proxy list into parts. Now you can split the proxy list of 2 and more parts. Details in "API Info".

  • 03 11 2017

    Dear customers, please update the API link in your software. The old link will be valid for some time.

  • 02 11 2017

    Today was Ddos Attaсk 17.50 to 19:20 (MSK). Now there are no problems on the service. Protection for repeated attacks already installed!

  • 30 09 2017

    Good news for fans of exceeding the number of threads. We have lowered the time of account suspend for exceeding the threads from 3 hours to 60 minutes!

  • 15 09 2017

    We start the proxy service after an accident in the Data Center

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